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We’re experts in kitchen remodeling and design. If you’re looking to refresh your home’s kitchen, Haas is the kitchen remodeling contractor for you.

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Our Approach to Kitchen Remodels

As a Seattle remodeling contractor, we understand kitchens are a place for families and friends to gather, often while either cooking or eating meals. Because every home is unique, we customize each of our kitchen remodels to align with the building configuration and your own personal style to ensure the space feels functional, expressive, and comfortable. We start each project by listening to our client’s interests and vision. We also consider what features of the current kitchen can be enhanced and improved through the kitchen remodel.

The remodel process timeline takes approximately 10–14 weeks depending on the building type and intensity of remodeling.

Kitchen Remodel Ideas / Recent Projects

From modern kitchen and dining room remodels to light and airy open-concept kitchen designs, our team strives to create spaces that feel fresh, familiar, and functional. Interested in remodeling a kitchen in your Seattle neighborhood? Check out a recent project in the heart of Magnolia.

Kitchen Remodel Cost

Since no two kitchens are alike, Haas is happy to offer a quote based on your kitchen and needs. Contact us for a quote on your unique kitchen remodeling project; we try our best to get back to you within 48–72 hours. To ensure our quote is accurate as possible, we may request either images or a scheduled walkthrough of your space. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Meet Our Kitchen Remodel Contractors

For your kitchen remodel projects — big or small — Haas is here to create the kitchen of your dreams. Our qualified and customer-centric team is dedicated to providing exceptional workmanship to bring your kitchen to life with high-quality materials and design.

Reach out to Haas to learn about how we can help with your small kitchen remodel or help dream up an entirely new kitchen design in your Seattle home.

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