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We are happy to announce that after 3 years as the exclusive custom contractors for Urban Cottage, the Haas Development and Construction team will now oversee all ADU/DADUs projects, from permitting and planning to final build and construction. Our team at Haas Development and Construction maintains a relationship with the City of Seattle to bring pre-approved detached ADU (DADU) plans, offering unique prefab detached ADU models.

Getting Started with your ADU or DADU

If you are planning your Seattle accessory dwelling unit (ADU), or detached ADU (DADU) project, reach out to a member of our team to get started. Our custom contractors at Haas Development and Construction are ready to join your project wherever you are in the process!

To learn more about ADU projects, permits, or builds give us a call at (206) 494-3369 or reach out via email to

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